Hoatzin is a tropical bird found in the Amazon region of South America. It is also infamously known as the stinkbird thanks to a foul odoured, enlarged crop that it uses for fermentation of vegetable matter. This rather colourful bird is hence quite disagreeable with the added fact that human beings consider its meat also to be in bad taste. But enough now about the creature that inspired our name and logo. Lets talk about us!

We at hoatzin conceptualize and design a wide array of material which at this point include posters, brochures, booklets, t-shirts, caps, mousepads - do you still use them? - and of course the ubiquitous coffee cups. Hoatzin was born (not the bird) out of sheer necessity when we just could not agree with the aesthics that were available for the content that we were generating. And just like our mascot we are perhaps disagreeable and polarizing to some, but we promise to be original.

Not all of our work can be presented here. If we had to sound all pro and high-end we could say something like “for legal and copyright reasons” but then we would be lying. We don’t do it because some of it is so bad that it needs to ferment in a hoatzin’s gut for eternity. The rest half-decent ones we are presenting on this website.

Note that we don’t have any sales yet, nor do we provide any services. But if you like anything here and feel like saying “Hi”, do write to us at the email id you will find somewhere on this website. If someday we start selling stuff, you will be the first one that we inform. Do visit again, we might some day have good stuff to sell. We need your money so that we can send it to poor and dying hoatzins in the Amazon basin. Okay we are kidding!